Monday, June 20, 2011

Celebrating this week

Snowbirds- My friend Karen took this photo.
Mother Nature was quite uncooperative with us last week and many of the "outdoor" activites we had planned never quite happened.  For example, on International picnic day (which happened to be our airshow day as well) it was grey and drizzly with intermettient downpours.  We had a picnic lunch inside- at an exciting but undisclosable location for now ;) and watched the airshow from a greater than anticipated distance thanks to some spectacular windows at said undisclosable location.  There was also no kite flying and our night of vegetables for dinner didn't happen when gran-gran and grandpa brought home Mc Donalds after a very long day.

Thank goodness for the start of a new week.    On June 20th celebrate ice cream soda day!  We are either going to go with "orangeous" ice cream sodas (made with orange crush and vanilla ice cream- add an orange liqueur such as grand marnier, cointreau, cura├žao or triple sec if you are wanting a more "adult" soda) or "cotton candy cream" ice cream sodas (made with Crush cream soda- I don't know what to suggest to make this more "adult" maybe vodka or champagne). 

June 21st is the first day of summer and we are off to the farm to start our CSA hours- if Mother Nature will allow.  Here are a couple of cool ideas to do to celebrate the begining of summer:  Summer Sun, make sidewalk chalk and glow bug necklace

Wednesday might be a library day for us or we might go to the 2nd to last cooking kitchen, plus I'm off to the hairdressers!

Thursday is National Pecan Sandies Day, National Pink Day and Soap Opera Day!  We are having our carpets steam cleaned that day, so hopefully it is a nice day and we can be out exploring some parks before our relatives arrive late Friday.  If not, we may have to hit story time at the library (if that is still happening) or go to the parent link in both the morning and the afternoon just for something fun to do out of the house. 

Friday, June 24th, is UFO day.  If we didn't have relatives arriving that day, it would be a perfect day to make a trip to St Paul, AB.  Maybe we will go while they are here. 

 On Saturday, we plan (weather permitting I think...although maybe not) to be at a local campground visiting with many different relatives.  We might make the kiddies put on a variety show to entertain us.  You could celebrate Eric Carle's birthday (he wrote many GREAT children's books) or LEON day.  LEON is Noel backwards and marks 6 months to/from Christmas. 

Sunday, June 26th is National Chocolate Pudding Day.  A super fun thing to do with chocolate pudding is to have a no heat/fire required chocolate fondue.  Use chocolate pudding and dip bite sized peices of fruit and such into the pudding- strawberries, banana's, apples, orange segments, marshmellows, pretzels, licorice, ect.  And of course, there is always finger painting with pudding.  A fun and delicious activity for the young at heart. 

Have fun this week.   It's finally summer!  Get out and enjoy.

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